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The pathway to fitness and health never ends and taking that first step can be the most challenging. Sometimes we stray from that path and need guidance and inspiration to keep going. Even when a gaol is attained, we have to continue as our bodies adapt and we need new challenges to maintain or build on our achievement. Fitness for Health can provide that motivational support, expert knowlege, quality training and effective programming, whatever your level, from beginner to professional.

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Liz has been training me for several years now and I have greatly enjoyed the results gained from her tough love sessions. Yes, she is tough but that is what I pay for and her sessions are great fun, full of variety and she definitely gets the best out of me. It is also very useful to have a program to follow throughout the week. She is highly professional and exceptionally clued up on the body and how it works.

Flora Pereira - Teacher


Personal Training

High quality training with a bespoke programme to help you achieve your personal goals

The journey begins with a consultation to assess your general health and fitness, and discuss personal goals. A bespoke, holistic program will be developed to meet your specific needs. Sessions are designed to be varied and challenging yet enjoyable.

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Mat Pilates following the principles of Joseph Pilates

Pilates places strong emphasis on the core muscles, improves posture and flexibility and builds long, toned muscles. You will learn to work with the breath and experience an improved sense of wellbeing. One to one or small group sessions are available. An initial consultation is offered to assess your health and fitness needs, along with any personal goals.

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Pregnancy and Postnatal

Pilates and Personal Training available to support you at this special time

 An initial screening consultation will take place to assess your overall health and discuss your pregnancy, birth experience and postnatal recovery. It is recommended that you check with your maternity care provider to ensure there are no contradictions.

Outdoor buggy fitness classes are also run throughout the year. These classes are a great way to meet other mums and make new friends, all the while helping you to get back into shape.

Mother and Son on Yoga Mat

Chronic Health Conditions

For clients seeking assistance with management of a variety of chronic health conditions

Personal training and one-to-one Pilates instruction are available to clients with health conditions such as diabetes, asthma, COPD, arthritis, raised blood pressure and non-mechanical lower back pain, as well as those with anxiety and depression. It really doesn’t matter what level of fitness you are currently at. A bespoke programme will help you achieve your lifestyle and fitness goals.

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